Girona, Spain

Almost 7 days to spend in Girona. 

A lovely little city. I feel this is a real Catalonian city, winding streets, great food, amazing architecture. Why can’t Dublin be as beautiful? Ireland is so grey and doesn’t restore old buildings but ruin them and rebuild to look modern and American. Tacky. There is rare beauty in Ireland. Here there is always beauty. 


I walked the town walls and baked in the open sun. I loved them. They’re about a metre wide with long narrow windows looking outside of the town. It leads to the impressive cathedral (old towns always have impressive churches and the like). 


7 days is a bit long to explore Girona if you can’t take the heat. But there is bus and train links to explore the surrounding areas. 

Girona has a great park; La Devesa. It’s fab. It’s odd having parks with little grass but they are loaded with facilities; football pitches, basketball courts, p├ętanque. Dublin and Ireland can learn so much from this place.