Figueres and Olot, Spain

The birthplace of Salvador Dalí. 

I had seen the popular Dalí artwork but his museum in Figueres is amazing. He was incredibly creative. He has a certain style but he has branched out into many art forms – not just sculpture or painting. The weird and wonderful Dalí. 

Figueres itself is small but beautiful. It has the narrow, winding streets similar to Girona (will get into that later). But I came across some parks that were wonderfully kept. 

I love going to these small a towns and cities that are usually overlooked by tourists for the big and glamorous locations. Also, the countryside is always a breath of fresh air. 


 Poor Olot. It has a few extinct volcanoes and a nice walk up one of them. But after that I was bored (sorry). The cathedral is impressive And I love the small streets but I need a bit more activity personally. A couple of hours is sufficient here. Anyways, I love Catalunya. My dream is to live somewhere as peaceful as these towns. ‘Someday…’