Barcelona, Spain

I spent almost four days in Barca, my third time to visit the city. Each time I see new places, artwork, buildings and God, I wish I had more time. 

There is an indescribable energy that I feel from the city. I haven’t felt like this anywhere in Ireland (ok maybe when it’s sunny in Dublin, but that’s not often). It has something for everyone. Sagrada Familia is a masterpiece! Even as an atheist, I adore the place. For me, it’s not about religion, it’s just astounding architecture. Gaudí was so talented, so creative (really stating the obvious here but he still amazes me). 

Nowhere in Ireland is as unique as the architecture here. I notice myself walking along streets with my head in the air marvelling at the urban landscape. I will come here again. But I want someone to join me so I can show them around and gaze at the wonder of it all. 

Casa Batllo


Sunset from MNAC