Mystic, CT

A small town that looks like something out of Pleasantville or Pretty Little Liars.. It’s so picturesque and cute and I can imagine living here. 

Small towns in Ireland have a different look and feel; tiny bungalows with one pub, one shop, one chipper to fill the Main Street. Mystic feels like a proud town with boutique shops and a plethora of restaurants. It feels homely. 

I feel content but I wish my family was here too. I want them to experience what I do and by they I mean my brother and my mom. They would appreciate this; the views, the seafood and friendly smiles. 

I did have to wait over an hour to get a taxi back to my hotel. That tested me, broke me! I am terribly impatient. I will definitely rent a car the next time if there is a next time. 


I had a nice meal with my manager and one of the Director’s. I know she thinks I’m socially awkward, I can be, but I am more of a ‘no bullshit’ person and that scares her. They have reminded me on more than one occasion on how to behave! Ha! I don’t like the lack of trust. It decreases my confidence. 

For tomorrow, no matter how horrible this meeting will be; I will be free of work until Tuesday so I can chill the fuck out until then. I need to block out work from my brain outside of working hours. Give me back my thoughts! 


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