I’m in America

I flew into Boston and now on a train to Connecticut. 

I love seeing how different the houses are abroad compared to Ireland. Passing through the suburbs, I have only seen jouses made of wood. I can’t recall ever seeing a house made of wood in Ireland. Yet businesses are made of bricks and mortar. Huh! Houses here stand alone. Not like a lot of our suburbs where housing estates are frequent and houses are mostly similar. 

It must be weird living in an enormous country. Maybe weird isn’t the correct term; but it’s weird to me! Imagine driving across country taking days! We can get to the other side of Ireland in a few hours; for some Americans it would take hours to leave their state. 

I enjoy hearing people’s thoughts on Ireland and how different it is to their country. I guess when I travel I think constantly of the differences and how a small change could make Ireland or another country better. 

For example, the service here is outstanding compared to ireland! Everyone is much friendlier when ordering food or drink. But in Ireland the people in general are much friendlier and trust worthy. People ask you to mind their things on a train even if you’ve never met. 


I am here for half business / half pleasure. My work has entrusted me with a face to face with our sponsors. I am not nervous. I know my work very well. We have invited a project director to support us as a voice of the study teams. I worry she will slip up! But I can only prepare her for the harsh critics that await us. 

On Friday I head for St. Louis to visit a good friend for a few days. My first Midwest America trip. I’m excited. I have high hopes it will feel like another country compared to NYC or Chicago. But I am also prepared to be wrong!! 


What are your thoughts?

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