Are you ever suffocated with emotions but don’t know how to release them to feel better? It’s exhausting. It feels like a craving for something I’ve never had, an aching. All I can do is lie in bed. Need someone to talk to. 


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  1. You got 7 likes for this post (so far) but did you get the chance to talk to somebody? Does it feel better now or is it still building up? I really hope you feel better.

      • Well, a dog is sometimes the better choice for company.

        Have you started looking for a new job? I know it’s a big change but maybe it’s worth it…

      • Yes, there is. But it depends on what one wants to do and whether or not one is willing to learn Swedish. (Speaking only English is not a problem either.) Are you interested in moving for a new job? I can keep an eye out since I’m looking for a new job anyway.

      • I don’t think I could emigrate alone! I have decided I will apply for jobs when I finish my course in project management so I can focus more. What kind of job are you looking for?

      • Not that many companies recruit new staff during spring except for summer stand-ins, so, I’m looking for something over the summer. It could be just about anything… And I don’t really know what I want to do so it will give me time to decide.

        I don’t mind moving abroad but I need to find a job that I’m prepared to do that for, and I also need save up some money to afford moving.

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