Hello world…

So I’ve blocked out current affairs and politics, for the most part since my last post. The difference is amazing! I’m not as frustrated anymore! It’s kind of sad, being more ignorant makes you happier. I do like keeping up with latest news but its psychological impact is extremely noticeable. 

I’ve been working on my assignment for my project management course and watching more sport (yay baseball is back). It’s a relief. Work has been mixed; I had an awful Monday and Tuesday that my boss must have noticed as on Wednesday they decided to send me to the US for a few days at the end of the month for a workshop. Also they’re hiring new people and one of them will take over the mundane parts of my job so I can manage more. Phewwwww. 

I get caught up in a bad day when I get verbal abuse from project managers and get home and apply for new jobs. I need to not let it affect me but it is hard. Here’s to being more ‘nice bossy’ as my manager says. 

So that’s me lately; trying to relax, doing jigsaws, going to watch Leinster rugby win (!) and eating Easter eggs. And at the end of next month I go on holidays (Spain). I watched a documentary on the Caribbean today and now I crave a trip to Barbados. Will anyone come with? Ireland is so grey in comparison!! Why can’t it be paradise too? 

Happy chocolate egg weekend.  


What are your thoughts?

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