It’s all crazy

I feel like writing but at the same time I don’t have the energy. Work is crazy busy. Sometimes I feel like packing up and going home to see how my manager would handle me gone. I can’t help how stressed I get at work. One email can be a trigger. Then the anxiety bursts in and I’m trying to calm myself down for the rest of the day!


I sit next to a chatterbox. I need peace to be productive. I dream of the future where I’ve my own house in the countryside and I can work in a bright, quiet room. Then I can’t imagine that even being me! 

I spend quite some time thinking of ways this country, this world could be improved. It’s seems a bit useless as I’m not a politician, nor do I want to be one! I just find it so enjoyable thinking about process improvement! Ha! What an odd thing to love. 

Now I’ll sleep and prepare for another stressful day. Depression has been muted lately, it’s the anxiety that’s poking about my insides. Sleep is best. 


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