I really like the team of people I work with, most of the time! They are friendly and will always help you out. However I hate having to go in Monday and they ask what I got up to at the weekend… Same goes with Friday ‘any plans this weekend?’ No.

I rarely make plans because I usually cancel and prefer to spend time alone. A productive weekend for me reading a ton and researching things that pop in my head. What can I say to them?! I spend time with my family when they come over and walk my dog… But I prefer being alone!! Haha! I am an introvert but they may not see that. They probably think I’m a loser.

I probably would have thought the same 5 years ago of someone else. You just never know what can happen sometimes.

I am desperate for a real person to talk to. I don’t want sex but I want intimacy and trust. And loyalty. When I say this in my head, it sounds like I’m looking for a friend! I have friends. I just don’t talk to them about things I feel I need to. I want someone to understand and know me, not just humour or tolerate me.

That may never happen so I have to convince myself that writing will do. I seem to scare Irish girls and I will never do long distance again! When there’s no relationships, there’s always your dog 🙂


What are your thoughts?

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