What’s out there?

Life really sucks when you hate your job.. Ok it would be an exaggeration to say I hate my job right now. But I’m beginning to hate it.

We got a new manager and she is so inept and clueless. She’s not new to the company or the team, in fact she has been working with us for almost a year. Yet she still hasn’t copped on to anything. How do stupid people go far in life?

She must be good at faking her abilities. I know when I have meetings with her I can tell she being fake nice! Goddamn I hate fake nice. I wish she would be normal instead of trying to be my best friend and boss! I’m losing respect for her which is unfortunate as once it’s lost it’s very hard to gain back. Everyone on the team is losing patience.

I’ve spent the pst two days working on my CV. It’s finished now but I have held off writing a cover letter. They’re tedious and I wouldn’t read it if I was a recruiter! Same old buzz words and bullshit from everyone, saying they have what you need; I am the best, the most effective, the hardest worker!! You can learn more from a person from an interview than what they lie about in their CV.

I’ve always found looking for jobs to be tiring, it is. But it’s not actually so bad when you have a job at the same time! I like thinking of new opportunities and learning in new companies. Ideally I’d like to stay in the same company but my job is turning me into a crazy person. I’m exhausted, sad and felt like fainting earlier; it’s like I never get a break. Two other team members are leaving shortly; one for maternity leave, the other for a career break. This means more work loaded on the remaining work warriors, I don’t know how much more I can take.

Until then, I will dream of new possibilities and labour out a cover letter I can manipulate for various job applications. It feels like work outside of working hours.


What are your thoughts?

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