What a way to make me feel

I told this girl I like that I have depression. We were getting on so well; both confiding in each other.
She couldn’t have backed off any more. I guess the stigma is alive and well!

At first I was annoyed at myself for telling her. Now I’m disgusted that someone can act as if I’ve an infectious disease. I explained that some days I’m perfectly fine and other days, I just need my space. But I’m still a broken person to her.

In future I’ll be up front about it so women have their ‘out’ and we don’t get attached to each other first. People fucking suck.


One thought on “What a way to make me feel

  1. Life is one huge ball of judgment and expectations! So i believe. Firstly, you’ve nothing to be ashamed about, depression is an illness like any other! Most people wouldn’t judge someone with Cancer, backing off and leaving them at their most vulnerable times, so why should people with mental health disorders be treated any differently! It makes my blood boil. I have Bipolar Disorder, see a support worker once a week, a psychologist once a month, but i also raise two boys with my fiance, and the stigma around me doing so is disgusting! People see the word Bipolar or depression and automatically think your a nutter who should be locked away! Especially not raising a family, but those small minded individuals can kiss my arse because i won’t allow smile minded people to single us out anymore! Not in the 21st Century. And my children are polite, well behaved boys. So having a mum with Bipolar is no different to any other child! And the same goes for you, if that person decided to back away because of your depression, then she did not deserve you in the first place.. stay strong 😀

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