Next Steps

Do the majority of people live for the weekend?
Not me.

I really like my job. I’m afraid to say I love it in case I jinx myself and it all goes wrong. But during the week, I feel great (mostly). I have a routine, I stick to it, I’m productive and alert. Weekend comes and I struggle.

I don’t want to be ‘living for the weekend’ as that’s only two days a week! How can one live like that? In order for me to feel productive at the weekends, I will now set an alarm and plan things and keep busy. The winter here is so miserable that I won’t be going outside much so I have to plan indoor activities accordingly. When I have a routine, depression episodes don’t hit and I feel like a person!

Since increasing my meds, I feel much better. I am hungrier for knowledge and on top of work. Reading forums and blogs online, fellow depression sufferer’s advise to avoid getting stuck on meds. I know they are so difficult to come off, I’ve tried, but without them I’d still be stuck in bed and probably wouldn’t have survived my job. Each to their own. I don’t regret going on them. If this is how it will be, I can live with that.


I used to like a girl. We went on a couple of dates and there was nothing there. I’m not sad about it though, it was a nice experience while it lasted. I promised myself I wouldn’t settle down for the sake of it, that won’t make me happy! I’d be happy if I met some lesbian friends, so hard to come across in Ireland!


What are your thoughts?

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