It’s funny how invisible I’ve become because I don’t have a Facebook. The people I would consider my best friends forgot my birthday. I don’t get invited to things anymore and I my efforts to meet up have been fruitless. How pathetic! There’s only so much rejection I can take! I’m going to go back to being more independent and stop relying on others. I just get let down. My dog is the only one worth relying on, the hero!

Ive flights booked to England next week to see an old friend. At the moment I can’t face leaving home; I’m a home bird, so to speak. When I’m down, I only want to be at home; I can deal by going for a drive or a walk but I can’t manage if I’m away from home and my comfort. I don’t know how to say it to my friend. It’s hanging over me and has been for a week. I have a day off work booked that I could use to clear my head. If I go to England, I’ll have to go to clubs and then be under pressure from everyone to drink even though I tell them I can’t.

Need to catch a break, I don’t feel relaxed at all following the Christmas ‘break’.


2 thoughts on “Invisible

  1. I know what that feels like. Stay invisible, it’s simpler. When I faced similar situations I’d find a quiet-ish in the club, or even next door. Smoking used to take smokers to a quieter place for a few minutes. Good luck. Happy new year.

  2. There is nothing wrong with being a home person if the home makes you happy and gives you what you need. Being independent is good but having a real off line connection to a few people will keep you ground in the world. Walk, is good if you can do it, along with your dog who loves you. Yes you have a handle on it. Hugs

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