Greed & Waste

I don’t make New Years resolutions… I don’t see the point making the effort to change at the beginning of each year when you can make a change at any time of the year. It’s forced and is rarely carried through. You also hear the same old nuggets each year – losing weight, going to the gym, read more books, save more money. I don’t know why people can’t start doing these things in September, or how about in May? It’s nicely exploited by the media and shops – they can promote the same bullshit articles year upon year and sell you shit that you’ll only use for a month or two…

People have become sheep. Avid consumers, nothing is enough, get more, want more.

I am about to read the book ‘This Changes Everything’, I can’t wait. It should give me a broader understanding of capitalism, not that it’s already in my face everyday.


What are your thoughts?

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