Sunday, is ‘me’ day. I am most relaxed from being alone and getting shizz done! Sunday is ‘tidy my room’ day, ‘go for a walk’ day and ‘read alot’ day. Saturday is for socialising and I always regret agreeing to socialise on a Sunday. Unless of course, I have a girlfriend. I’m ready for my next relationship. I kind have someone but I don’t have her and I don’t even know if I want to be with her specifically or not… All I know is I’m ready for commitment.

When I imagine myself in a relationship, I imagine giving everything I have and being sweet. When I’m in a relationship I feel claustrophic and annoyed. I’m hoping that’s just a sign that I haven’t been with the right woman.

I am always positive when it comes to relationships… It surprises me! I’m not usually a positive person but I truly believe I will find someone that suits me.. and I will suit her. Hopeless romantic. That doesn’t mean that everyone that is married or in a relationship is in love; I have said before in a lot of cases, it’s convenience and timing that make relationships. Well they are definitely factors.

Luckily I don’t want kids (really) so I’m not under a time constraint for meeting a partner. But I will still be hopefuly.

I start writing posts with one thought and it always trails off and has nothing to do with the start!! Ha! I can’t help it, but this is how I deal with my life. Also, I’m watching Sister Act 2, which is awesome! The singing is inspiring; I wish I could sing! Or dance! I am sporty though, I got those genes instead. Anyone need someone to catch or stop balls? How about hit some balls? I’m your girl.


What are your thoughts?

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