What is this

Even though I may sleep well, when I’m down my eyes pop out of my head. I have huge black bags under my eyes and my kids can’t stay fully open.

What the fuck is this?

Everything is heavy. I just want to sleep now but then I’ll never sleep later. I want to be alone but I want someone to make me feel better. Nothing is right


One thought on “What is this

  1. Reblogged this on Curb Your Confusion and commented:
    You’re not alone! I’ve experienced something similar to this as well. It’s a horrible feeling!
    Something that has worked for me in the past is meditation. And I don’t mean the “super spiritual” kind where you pray to Baal or whatever.
    If you have a smart phone download a free app called Headspace. These guys teach you how to take focus off of you sleeping and concentrate on controlling your thoughts. Often we can’t sleep because we are too focused on getting to sleep, but that focus is why we can’t sleep. We need to learn to stop focussing when it’s time to rest and try to let things be.
    Hope this helps and you get some peace my friend.

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