I feel low. Like something is bubbling underneath the surface and I need to let go. I can’t release this frustration though; it won’t leave.

I have been exercising a lot and that helps but my body is too tired today! I am irritable and need everything my way. My room is a mess and I know if I clean it I’ll feel somewhat better but I just can’t do it! I just want to lie here.

I think it’s just been so long since I’ve emotionally connected with someone. I have my best friend but we haven’t had a proper catch up in months. I don’t care if I’m not sexually connected with a woman but I find it difficult not having someone emotionally. My exes always connected with me but I’ve never had that complete trust with them. Maybe WordPress can be my emotional mate!! Haha!

Ps I love Sam Smith, he has awesome music. Him and Ed Sheeran, and Christina Perri ‘get’ my emotional state! So good.


What are your thoughts?

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