You offend me, I offend you back and I’m the bad guy!

After every relationship I think back and ask myself why I got into it. Maybe I don’t think enough. Or maybe you just never got me and you’re not the one.

If we were right for each other we would never have hurt each other. I would have been excited to talk with you or see you… But that buzz was missing.

You never listened and I never had the patience to explain things over and over. You’ll find someone better and so will I; someone that suits me and has things in common (regardless whether you think we did).

I was never your type of girl. I’m to strong willed and stubborn, you were never mine; too uptight and sensitive. You’re religious and in a closet. I’m too old for make believe and lies.

I’m content because we shouldn’t have happened. I already feel a weight has lifted; I felt trapped with a burden. We’re better off this way; it wasn’t going to be a pleasant break up when you need the last word.

I’m stronger alone, I can’t be your crutch. I never wanted to be. I only want to be my own person, no boundaries, no stress.


What are your thoughts?

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