Me first

Sometimes I wonder why I’m even in a relationship! I am a bad girlfriend. I’m a bad friend! I always put myself and my happiness first and I don’t feel bad about it. How I’m even in a relationship, I don’t know!! I love having alone time, I love being able to abandon my phone all weekend and ignore the world. But apparently I can’t do that with a gf! Oh well. My heart is cold and my brain doesn’t care. I always seem to do what I want.


5 thoughts on “Me first

  1. I don’t know if it makes any difference for you, but… What you just described is in someway what I feel I am, with the addition of bad daughter, bad granddaughter and bad sister. Is it possible to go on a vacation from the social life without upsetting anyone? (Because I really need a break.)

    • Everyone gets so offended when I want to leave my phone off all weekend. The only way to not offend is to warn them first! It’s so nice to have a break from it though. And when I go to Chicago for a week alone in a few months, I’ll be abandoning social media. It’s liberating!

      • Seems to me like some people don’t know you well enough to understand that you need that freedom. I think it is sane to sometimes disconnect. (In Swedish there is an expression that in direct translation means disconnect but as an expression means relax. Coincidence? I think not.)

      • We say “koppla av”. I guess it refers to disconnecting ones responsibilities for a moment just to relax.

        When I want to disconnect from people for a moment I go out in a forest with bad (or none) phone reception. Nobody can complain that they can’t reach me there since it’s not my fault.

        When I can’t go to the forest, I “forget” to charge my phone for a day or two to get a break from people. It might upset some but that’s not really a big deal…

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