I need my routine to keep me sane! Without it I panic, my anxiety takes over and bangs against my head. I am pedantic. I might be boring to you but I keep a routine to keep level headed. I hate being anxious and twitchy. But this is me. Don’t like my routine then you don’t have to like me. I have to do everything possible to make myself function and manage what other people stride through. And I don’t care.



I’m restless. I feel like I’m brain is underused and lazy. I went on holidays for two weeks and now I don’t feel as sharp. I’m more tired than I was, more frustrated.

I have to get back into healthy routines and challenge myself. I’ve been watching too many tv shows. I need to feel inspired again, to feel alive again!!

Where does inspiration go when it’s not with me? I’m witty when in inspired and less negative! Good for me and the people in my life. Start over.