It’s OK to be an Introvert

I went to a therapist this week for the first time. It was actually rather nice. She is sound! Ok she did a lot of talking but it made me feel good. She doesn’t think I’m depressed anymore (win) and she also thinks it is perfectly normal to spend the majority of my time alone if I’m happy doing it.

Interestingly, she said, it reflects more on my friends and family telling me I’m weird for enjoying being alone than socialising. Because something is not right for them doesn’t mean it’s not right for me.
Also, that I have just matured faster than my friends because of the past two years. I’ve moved on from partying and drinking to staying in and filling my head with knowledge. That’s ok with me. Now I jsut have to learn how to accept people for who they are and they must accept me for who I’ve become…

In other news, I went on a date last week. For someone I had such chemistry with *on the internet*, I was bored with her in person. There was just nothing there. I don’t regret it because then I’d still be wasting my time now!! But I will not be seeing her again. I’ve never quite been so bored on a date before. Harsh, but true.

As it’s coming towards Paddy’s Day here, my friend booked flights to come here for 5 days. Stupid flight was cancelled this morning so he can’t make it. Ruined my day, not it’s up to me to make sure it doesn’t ruin my weekend. When I planned to go to him in December the damn flight was cancelled too! What is going on! Why is fate doing this? Anyway, the rest of the day will be reading and podcasts, with helpful supplies of chocolate and hopefully some interesting reads on WordPress.

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One thought on “It’s OK to be an Introvert

  1. It’s totally ok to be introverted! I am so happy having alone time that occasionally I wondered if I was weird for it. I was really shy when I was a kid, then you might say I came out of my shell my late teens and early twenties… I did a lot of socializing or at least thats how I would define it. Now, I could care less to socialize outside of work. In fact while I enjoy my job and I’m sociable and friendly I find that it can be very draining. Going out does not sound fun to me. Planning to meet at a bar over the weekend doesn’t sound fun to me.

    The type of friends I’m looking for now have to be ones who like it low key. I need things to be easy going in my life.

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