Don’t Fight in Front of Me


Is this a sign of a healthy relationship that you argue about the stupidest things? Both of you can’t read each other; you can’t tell when the other person is making a joke. When make out that it’s vindictive, you make them react with anger.

The responses you receive are due to the vitriol you give. And then they ask me for my opinion, which should never be asked. Keep your shit between the two of you.

Listening and observing is interesting. All I can see is two people banging their heads against a wall. Neither of you will back down. It’s just their fault, it’s your fault too. Are you really happy here? I don’t see it much. I see stress. I see you both wearing each other down. This relationship is what you both want but the communication is mainly is raised tones and accusatory comments. It could be so much better than this.


What are your thoughts?

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