In Ireland, because I don’t drink or go to nightclubs, I’m branded ‘dry’ and ‘a loser’. 


Thanks Ireland! Now tell me there’s no drinking culture. Tell me all the things events I can attend that isn’t ruined by everyone else being incapacitated. It’s not the fun, welcoming place everyone makes out. Luckily I don’t need alcohol to talk to girls I like, or to go to concerts, or just to socialise on the weekends. 


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  1. I’ve got a similar problem among the wasted “vikings” in Sweden. When I don’t drink people wonder if I’m the designated driver or if I’m pregnant. For people asking that question there’s no other logic reason for not driking. Do I really need a reason for not drinking alcohol other than that I don’t feel like it? No.
    Keep sober, stay smart!

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