When one of my sisters comes over with her three kids (all under 5), the house descends into chaos. I should mention that my house is not big at all, and due to my mother being a hoarder in progress, it’s full of non-child-friendly rubbish. Hiding things or putting them out of the reach doesn’t bother me. It’s the noise they bring. 

My poor dog was in an abusive home before I took him so they screaming children (and parents) and constant running around, has him literally shaking. If I don’t grab him in time, he runs upstairs, either to hide under my bed or to gaze down and the nightmare situation. I have tried to teach the kids not to scream in his face or chase him, but I guess they’re too young to realise what they’re doing. 

So my dogs anxiety comes back and my anxiety increases. No wonder I love peaceful places and situations!! I don’t ‘get’ kids. I’ve never done the whole baby voice thing to them. It doesn’t come natural to me. It doesn’t help that they’re loaded full of sugar before they arrive and while they’re here. Half an hour in and they’re bouncing from the wall! I can’t feel calm in these situations. 

After they’ve spent an entire day here, I have often worked from home the next day. I feel stressed and unable to comprehend work and forced situations. There is just no way I ever want this life for myself. I would like to still see my sister but I can’t take the mayhem. 


What are your thoughts?

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