Feminism is awesome

Fighting without hurting people

Fighting without hurting people


Dear Women who don’t call themselves feminists. Think about it…

All women should be feminists. Great blog post.

Letters From LadyCurd

Dear Women who don’t call themselves feminists,

I used to be one of you. In fact I only started calling myself a feminist in the last two years. I “came out” as a feminist right here, and here,  here and erm finally here on this very blog. In fact I had to break this blog out from its rather extended hiatus (sorry I’ve been terrifyingly busy but will update more in the new year) just to write this post.

So there has been a bit of an upset about Mumsnet Blogfest and reactions to a panel including two real life friends of mine @Glosswitch & @SarahDitum who have written simply incredible responses here and here.  I’m not going to ramble on about that so much as I wasn’t there (but have watched the videos) and it all seems to have been woefully misconstrued by people with…

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If It’s Meant To Be…

So two of my good friends went on first dates at the weekend.. And they come in to work today asking me when am I going to get a new girlfriend?! Hmmm.. I don’t usually plan it! I am so happy for them both. They’re smitten and the two guys seem genuine. But I hate when suddenly I’m expected to settle down just because they are.

In a way, it would be nice. But I know after a couple of months, I’ll annoy my girl. I don’t want to go clubbing, or to bars or to the cinema every weekend. I am too stubborn and enjoy my own time too much for a relationship. I just end up hurting my exes because I insist on getting my own way. Depression has ruined some things alright, but it allows me to be more independent than anyone else I know.

Unfortunately I’m also sooo picky when it comes to girls. I don’t think I could date someone who drinks now. I won’t date smokers, I’ve dated short girls but I don’t want to do that again (I’m 5’11”) and I really would need someone with similar interests. I think it’s rare to find someone I genuinely click with. So I’m not waiting around or searching for ‘the one’, even if my friends want me to.

I’m a firm believer in fate. And if there’s someone out there for me, then I’ll meet her when the time is right, timing is more important than you think.


My New World

There’s a difference between living and existing.

I want to feel alive. I want to feel my heart pounding and be wowed by the world.

Existing bring monotony and questions the point of life.


I want to have things that excite me – trips abroad, fascinating stories, genuine friends, so I can feel like I’m really living and enjoying life.

I’m ending monotony. I’m ending false friendships and the stress they bring. I’m ending all the bullshit I have no time for. I’m breaking out of what is supposed as ‘normal’ and giving a fuck about pleasing people.

This is going to be the beginning of my new world.


Issue 2 of Irish Left Review Out Now

The Cedar Lounge Revolution


ILR Back

Congratulations to Donagh and Conor for the above! It looks great, is a crucial resource for the left and as always everyone is urged to get hold of it. Details of where it can be purchased and the editorial are contained below:

Irish left Review Issue 2, Autumn 2013, is now available to buy at Connolly Books, Temple Bar and Books Upstairs, College Green in Dublin. It will soon be available in Solidarity Books in Cork and Charlie Byrnes in Galway. You can also buy it online through the Irish Left Review website.

This 164 page issue costs just €5 in the shops. If you’re buying it online in Ireland it’s an extra €2 for shipping or an additional €3.30 if buying it online from outside Ireland.

The Irish Left Review journal can only continue if we sell issues, so I’d encourage anyone even half interested in seeing publications like…

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