Being a lesbian and having all my immediate friends straight, is not good for the brain! I’m overloaded with petty conversations on guys, and ‘like, where ARE all the good guys? They’re all dickheads! I haven’t texted a boy in ages!!’ or ‘Do you think he likes me? But really, do you think he likes me even though he hasn’t texted in a week and we only ever have sex?’. Oh my head! My friends seem incapable of thinking logically. I miss out on having conversations with lesbians about women and hot celebrities! Instead I have to listen to what car a guy has, or how much money he makes. I really appreciate my friends but sometimes I need a break and I think now might be the right time. I don’t want to talk about men, celebrity gossip, X Factor, fucking One Direction! I just don’t care! I am not shallow.

I’m a tomboy. I don’t obsess over my hair and nails and shopping. I feel like I’m not fitting in and I’m not changing for them. They can judge me on my clothes and appearance but I’ll do whatever I’m comfortable with. I am tired of trying to please everyone. People aren’t as accepting as they make out.


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